The Non sign associated inputs must the violet connector.

The Non sign associated inputs must the violet connector.


When you need a “search relaying mild” or longer often called a check system light for your own relaying.

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The 0411 PCM pertains a crushed to C2 Pin 46. This may be bound to the ground area of a smallish light bulb to let you know the 0411 PCM has a signal inside for an imperfection with infection feature.

0411 PCM lessons 2 facts Communication (info line to OBD2 connector PIN 2)

C1 Violet Connector Pin 58

0411 PCM TPS “Throttle Position Sensor” Input for EFI equipped vehicles. (This is wired to the SIGNAL wire coming out of the TPS sensor.) Fotherwise EFI equipped vehicles tap into the SIGNAL ONLY.

C2 Red Connector Pin 24

0411 PCM CKP “Crankshaft Position detector” feedback for EFI outfitted automobiles. (This is bound into the TRANSMISSION circuit coming out of the CKP sensor.) For EFI furnished motors exploit the SIGN SINGLE.

C1 Blue Connector Pin 12


0411 PCM TPS “Throttle Position Sensor”

C2 Red Connector Pin 24 to indication cable coming out of TPS Sensor

C1 azure Connector Pin 46 to 5VDC electric power cable for TPS detector

C1 Blue Connector Pin 46 to soil cable for TPS detector

0411 PCM CKP “Crankshaft State Detector”

C1 Blue Connector Pin 12 to indication Wire taken from CKP detector

C1 Blue Connector Pin 2 to Power Wire for CKP Sensor

C1 pink Connector Pin 21 to soil cable for CKP detector

0411 PCM Brake Switch Input. This really is wired/relay’d to the great cable originating from your very own braking system extremity move to their braking system bulbs. This needs feabie PЕ™ihlГЎsit se relayed to your job properly. C1 violet Connector Pin 33 requirements 12vdc secret on power until you hit to the brake extremity, which then it requires no electrical or ground used on that computer pin to let the computer realize it will need to passing the torque converter clutch. A bosch single pole double-throw relay would work an excellent option for this. Surface 85, cable pin 86 in your 12vdc from the braking system move to the brake mild wire. Apply crucial on 12vdc power to pin 30, next wire C1 orange Connector Pin 33 to 87a. Development! Your own torque converter clutch should discharge right now making use of the brake system utilized.

The sign relevant Inputs/Outputs had to the 0411 PCM:

0411 PCM infection Input shot speeds Sensor (Essentially the sensor directly behind the bell-housing associated with indication. The Input/Output cock velocity detectors on 4L80E sign are not polarity painful and sensitive, and simply basically have to have wired to your PCM)

The 0411 PCM WILL DEMAND A TUNE/FLASH FOR IT TO WORK CORRECTLY. So long as you owned it as is also from a junkyard, It will A: enter anti-theft setting because VATS is enabled, B: go into transmission limp form and C: perhaps perhaps not work at all-depending what application you drawn your computer or laptop from.

Over at my organize, I got a PCM tune data from a 01 GMC 1500 with a 4.8L and a 4L60e from inside the regulation component. I experienced to obtain another tune document using the same OS (computer system) the 0411 PCM offers which have a 4L80e transmission at first therefore I could segment swap the indication and transmission diagnostics segments on to simple beat document. IF YOU GET A PCM BY A CAR EQUIPPED WITH A 4L60E MANUFACTURER AS WELL AS YOUR WORKING IT in A 4L80E OR THE OTHER WAY AROUND THAT PHASE TRADE NEEDS FOR ITS TRANSMITTING TO FUNCTION! “inquire myself the way I know”.

All system Related DTC’s should be switched off aside from the TPS and CKP DTC’s numbers P0121, P0122, P0123, P0335 & P0336.

Write all indication Related DTC’s under the Engine Diagnostics>DTC’s turned ON being manufacturing plant aroused with a PCM thats built with a 4L80E EXCEPT P0705 & P0706, both these limitations must be turned off if you’re not by using the Neutral protection Switch. Exiting other indication DTC’s about enables the 0411 PCM to make on MIL light or store a MIL code if there is a issue because of the relaying and will also enable the PCM to go into sign Limp setting.

Under System>General, alter the PRNDL prepared to nothing.

DELETE every TORQUE MAINTENANCE AND DISABLE MISTREATMENT METHODS IN SYSTEM AND TRANSMITTING TABS If this is perhaps not finished the transmission should not shift precisely.

Under Trans>Auto Shift Properties>General> Perf Choice, pick No Turn. This is the pull haul switch, which was hooked within the BCM (human anatomy regulation component) and signalled in the Class 2 info circle to turn in the element inside the PCM. I currently have certainly not discover a-work around to be able to utilize this attribute. If I accomplish discover a way, I most certainly will revise this wiki webpage.

Those are required alternatives that need transformed over for the 0411 PCM to perform as a standalone transmission controller and move the 4L80E transmitting properly. The previous on the options is dependent on your particular create. These setting happen to be:

My personal TPS insight at lazy has reached 25percent inside 0411 PCM. This isnt a huge concern because you can capture around it inside the Shift velocity dining tables. I do think i have to furthermore tap the TPS sensor soil through the 0411 PCM to my personal MegaSquirt 2’s TPS soil, that we think will get it fixed. I most certainly will upgrade this wiki once this are recognized and dealt with.

REVISE 9/26/16 – i came across the TPS issues. Their really being employed as their designed to. I am not saying working a IAC valve and altered your throttle human anatomy for a adjustable lazy screw. Anyway the thottle cutters are essentially established between 20-23percent for engine to idle, really it had been due to carbon dioxide build-up regarding throttle human anatomy. We cleaned out off the carbon so this percent fell to around 13-15% for a similar RPM idle. So its doing work correctly.

Down the page is actually my favorite R&D and proof of thought video playlist on Youtube:

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